Tooth colour clasps

This week a patient from Chelmsford came to us because although their dentures fitted comfortably in the mouth they were unable to retain it in place as it kept dropping down.

After a short appointment with our Clinical Dental Technician, it was suggested that perhaps clasps could be the answer. The patient agreed that this was a good idea but unhappy with the idea of metal clasps being visible as they would perhaps highlight the fact that they were wearing dentures.

We explained to the patient how at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory how we have the skill and equipment to add tooth coloured clasps to a denture which work in the same way as a metal clasp but are much less visible in the patients mouth.





When the patient left with her newly adjusted dentures, they looked and fitted no differently in the mouth than they did before, however, the dentures now hold in the mouth perfectly and no long drops whilst talking.





Addition of a tooth

This week at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, a patient came to us from Great Baddow desperately needing a new tooth to be added to their denture.
It was Friday morning and the patient had an event to go at the weekend but needed a new tooth adding onto her denture. This patient was told by her dentist that the denture would need to be sent away to a Laboratory and that she would need to be without her denture until the following Tuesday morning.
This was a problem for the patient as she needed her denture altered and returned before the end of the day ready for here weekend event. The patient knew about the service that Adam Norris Dental Laboratory provides and explained to her dentist the need to have her denture back as soon as possible. The dentist understood how important it was for the patient to have her teeth looking great for the weekend so took impressions.
The patient came straight over to Adam Norris Dental Laboratory with the impressions. The patient sat in the comfortable waiting area whilst the missing tooth was added on to her denture and she had it returned in plenty of time for her event.
 add 1 add 2

Custom Made Dentures

Contrary to what a lot of people think, dentures are not made in batches of different sizes like shoes, nor are they on a shelf waiting to have teeth added or removed depending on the patients requirements. In fact, each denture is custom made to fit the individual patients mouth.

As well as every denture having a unique fit to a patients mouth, there is also many different shades, sizes and shapes of teeth, so that the denture can match the patients existing teeth.

The position of each tooth is designed to have a special correlation based of the size of the mouth and existing teeth to ensure that the wearer is able to bite and chew food as well as speak clearly.

The range of material used for dentures can also vary depending on practicality and the patients budget. This range includes standard acrylic, high impact acrylic, chrome and the latest polyamide flexible material.

Furthermore, the gum work on the denture can also be customised to have either a realistic or a smooth finish.







At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, we offer a free consultation lasting approximately half and hour and during this appointment Adam Norris, our Clinical Dental Technician, will discuss all of these available options to ensure you, the patient, has the denture exactly the way you would like it to look and feel. Call us on 01245 344334 to book an appointment.

Fexible Denture Repair

“Flexible denture repair in a day, it can’t be done”.

Not the response anyone with a broken flexible denture wants to hear. However this is exactly what a patient was informed by other laboratories earlier this week.

This patient had dropped his flexible denture and then stood on it . This was the result


flex broke


This patient, like everyone else, wants to have there teeth repaired as quickly as possible, so he contacted a number of local Laboratories to find someone that would be able to repair flexible dentures the same day. The generic response of, “the best we can do is 5 working days” was starting to get the patient down.

Just before the patient gave up all hope he phoned Adam Norris Dental Laboratory. He was happy to know that we were able to repair his denture in-house and as such we could complete the job within the day and he would have his denture fixed by the evening.

I would like to think we gave him his smile back .


flexy fix


My Dog Ate My Dentures


No two weeks at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory are ever the same. This week we had a particularly strange case. A patient from Hatfield Peverel had her flexible denture chewed up by her dog.

This what the denture looked like

dog 1

The patient was in a panic as they was due at work but the lower denture was unwearable.

Here at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, we understand these sorts of the emergencies.   Unlike most other places we did not give the response, “sorry the only thing we can do is throw these ones away and make you some a new denture.” Instead we managed to get the denture back to a clean fitting, usable state which allowed the patient to go to work without fear.  It has also given the patient a temporary set of teeth to use until we complete the process of getting the a new flexible denture made.

The patient waited just 15 minutes and this was the result.

dog 2

The patent was so happy to be able to carry on wearing the denture, albeit temporarily, and is looking forward to having a brand new flexibility denture.

Chrome Dentures

A frequently asked question at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory is, “Is it possible to have a thinner denture as my current denture feels really heavy in my mouth?”.

At our clinic and laboratory we are able to offer patients the option of a chrome denture. We also explain to our patients the other benefits of chrome dentures which include a good fit and they are highly durable.


Chrome 1 Chrome 2






Here at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory when you have your free consultation, Adam Norris will talk through all the options available to you and will allow you to choose the best denture that will suit both you and your budget.

If you would like to book a free consultation please call us on 01245 344 334

Stained denture

A patient from Danbury came to us at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory this week because they wanted advice on how to clean their denture.

This patient is a smoker which means keeping the denture clean is a daily struggle and the denture also had plaque build up too.

The patient brought their denture to us as they wanted to know how to keep their denture clean. We give the patient advice on how to clean the denture in future and explained how the plaque build up would need to be removed in order to keep the denture clean.

Within half an hour the patient was on their way with their denture looking as good as new.

Here is a before and after







At Adam Norris Dental we understand how important a clean set of teeth are to people and their health, so we are available for plaque removal cleans;

We run a walk in service ;


9am- 5pm


9am-12 midday

We also run an out of hours service, (please follow the instructions on our answer phone )

Urgent denture repair

This week at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, a patient from Maldon came to us as he was worried about going to work because his denture was broken.
This patient is like many people, he doesn’t want work colleagues to know that he wears dentures and so he felt uncomfortable about going to work without his dentures in place.
After he broke his denture he phoned his local dentist. He was told that they could be fixed, but he would need to be without them for 2 days. This was not a viable option for the patient as he needed them straight away, so his dentist recommended Adam Norris Dental Laboratory.
Within an hour the patient was on their way to work with their smile back.
At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory we understand how important a set of teeth are to people, so we make sure that we are always available to fix dentures.

We run a walk-in service;
Monday-Friday – 9am till 5pm and Saturday 9am till 12pm
We also run an out of hours service, (please follow the instructions on our answer phone for this)denture repair