Denture Relines

Over time you may find that your dentures become loose. Our bodies alter shape slightly over time naturally, or for example if you lose weight this will have an effect on the fit of your dentures.

A reline of your denture corrects the shape of your denture and your mouth, producing a closer and tighter denture fit. Relines can be in a hard acrylic material, or a soft cushioning material, depending on the best option for you.

  • Hard reline for improved stability
    As the common choice for denture relining, a hard reline will combat any discomfort or irritation you experience with your ill-fitting dentures, ensuing that they truly fit with the unique contours of your mouth and gums.

  • Soft reline for improved comfort
    As a denture cushion material, this is a softer alternative to a hard reline that remains soft and pliable and is less likely to cause sore spots. (A soft reline will need to be replaced approximately every 1-2 years.)

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