Partial Dentures

If one or several of your teeth are lost or missing we can restore your smile with a Partial Denture. At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory we understand how losing even just one tooth can impact upon your self-esteem. At your FREE initial consultation we will discuss available options.

As well as replacing any missing teeth, Partial Dentures also look after the future health of your mouth by preventing your remaining teeth from rotating, tilting and moving into positions that prove unsightly and awkward for eating and talking. That is why it is essential that a dentist examines your mouth and develops the personal treatment plan that will prevent this from happening. Following your FREE consultation at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, we can arrange for you to see our dentist. Alternatively, you can ask your own dentist for a referral to our clinic.

Partial Dentures replace individual missing teeth and can be made from gum coloured acrylic or from Colbalt Chrome.

As well as being far less bulky than a Partial Denture made from acrylic, a Chrome Colbalt Denture is highly durable, and generally more light-weight and more comfortable. It is also tested to ensure that it is completely biocompatible with the mouth and body. These are an excellent option for patients who are prone to breaking their dentures. Samples will be available during your initial consultation.

Adam Norris Dental Laboratory can give you Partial Dentures that will:

  • Restore you smile to feel more confident about your appearance
  • Prevent your remaining teeth from rotating, tilting and moving into unsightly and awkward positions
  • Help you speak more clearly
  • Give you greater comfort when you eat and chew your food

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