First aid at work

At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory they like to be able to offer the best service and products to their patients.  One way they do this is by regularly updating their knowledge, skills and safety awareness.

On Thursday the 28th of July, Adam Norris and his small team went on an exclusive staff training day to a health and social care training academy.

On this course they all updated their knowledge of first aid in the work place.

This course explained things such as, how to assess an incident, through to how to treat shock, chocking and sudden cardiac arrest.


 The course main task was to explain, and show the use of, a defibrillator and how to give correct CPR as part of a team. This course gave them a personal look at how to conduct CPR within the space of Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, should they ever need to use it.



At Adam Norrias Dental Laboratory they like to keep up to date with all current working procedures, to ensure the safety of all patients.