Hoilday dentures

Have you ever been without a set of teeth and two days from land ?

Well our patient this week has. He was having a lovely time on holiday until his dentures broke. Whilst there is never a good to break your dentures, being on board a cruise ship that doesn’t dock for two days real bad luck.

Unfortunately even when this patient reached dry land, he was still unable to get his dentures repaired.  He was so pleased when he got home phoned Adam Norris Dental Laboratory and was told that he could come to us straight away and we would take a look at it for him.

The patient told us all about the problems that his broken denture caused.

We repaired the dentures and we reassured the patient that he wouldn’t have to worry about this happening again because we could make him a spare set of dentures.

The patient said he didn’t have time to go though the process of making a new set of dentures again and that he like his old denture as they fitted like old shoes .

After explaining to him the simple process of making copy dentures he said this was a great idea . We finished making his new copy dentures and he was happy in the knowledge that he will always have a backup dentures if ever he needs them.