Sports Guards

Rugby session is just starting, children and adults all need securely fitting sports guards to protect their teeth.

Many people buy home made sports guard kits for their local sports shops.  In many cases the finished guard is loose fitting and regularly falls out whilst playing their choosen sports, making it hard to speak to fellow team mates and more difficult to breath.  Here at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory we make custom fitted sports guard for all sports including rugby, hockey and boxing which are thicker than the shop bought kits and are a custom fit. In short, our sports guard offer much better protection for your teeth.

The process is very simple, we take an impression of your mouth, then pressure form the mouth guard to fit your teeth perfectly.  Our sports guards are available in many different colours.  You will have your finished sports guard within the week!



At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory we understand how important you and your children’s teeth are, we are open Monday-Friday, 9am  till 5pm.