summer is coming

What happens if you go away for a fabulous summer break and your dentures crack?

Here at Adam Norris Dental Laboratory, we have the answer. Take a spare set away with you.

There is nothing worse than going away and on the first night of your holiday breaking your dentures (we know because some of our patients have told us).  Especially if your holiday is abroad or on a cruise ship, leaving you to make do with either a broken set or, even worse, no dentures at all.

At Adam Norris Dental Laboratory we can copy your existing dentures ensuring they fit exactly the same as your current set. The process involved in making these duplicate dentures, is much shorter than starting a new set from scratch and so they will be ready in a much shorter time.

So, once you have your new copy dentures you can go on your holidays happy in the knowledge that you will always have backup dentures if ever you need them.